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Antwerp Hospital Network - ZNA

Eye Clinic (ZNA Middelheim)

Surgical Management of Uveitis

Patients with uveitis (ocular inflammation) can develop a number of complications that can lead to loss of vision or of the eye. Managing these complications surgically requires a comprehension of ocular inflammatory diseases and infections, the use of immunosuppressive agents (such as those used by rheumatologists), how to minimize the chance that inflammation will develop after surgery, as well as good surgical skills.

The combined expertise is available in our service where certain team members are among the pioneers and world leaders in this area. Cataracts, hypotony, raised intraocular pressure(glaucoma), retinal and vitreous diseases have all been treated successfully by our team. We have also often been called upon to repair damage due to inadequate prior surgery

Our results have been presented at numerous international meetings and are published in the literature

In average this intervention requires 4 days of hospitalisation.