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Antwerp Hospital Network - ZNA

Eye Clinic (ZNA Middelheim)

Subretinal Surgery/ Retinal Rotation

Patients with subretinal membranes causing a decrease in vision for causes other than macular degeneration can benefit from a surgical procedure to remove these membranes. They cause distortion of the retina leading to loss of reading vision. Medical treatments can give a small improvement in vision, but their removal combined or not with a rotation of the retina can lead to significant improvement in vision. This is particularly true of patients with membranes appearing as a result of ocular inflammation.

Prior to surgery, extensive testing with state-of-the-art OCT (optical coherence tomography), microperimetry, and angiography are required to insure that the surgery will be beneficial and to determine how it should be carried out. This testing can be done in our facility by a team of experts with a world reputation in the field. Prof de Smet has been frequently asked to train individuals in these diagnostic techniques, as well as being asked to speak at numerous congresses and meetings on this subject.

In average this intervention requires two days of hospitalisation.