31 May 2013: Belgian technology and investment in health care in Russia


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Agreement on a joint mission between the National Center for Research and Development of health and social services HEALTH SUPPORT Foundation and "Healthcare Belgium ยป Helthcare Belgium, created by leading hospitals , medical universities of the country and Belgian companies producing high-tech medical equipment , was signed on May 27 during a business forum, Belgium - Russia "Innovation and technology for the sake of life."

The agreement includes the establishment of cooperation in the field of health between the Russian Federation and the EU , both in public and in the private sector.

On behalf of the PILLARS OF HEALTH document was signed by the president of the National Center Natalia Ushakov , on behalf of the Foundation "Health of Belgium " - President -for-profit organization Dirk Lambrechts and CEO Herwig Fleerakers .

The parties intend to develop cooperation in the field of academic and clinical medicine , with an emphasis on telemedicine and e-learning , in the exchange of the latest medical technologies aimed at including the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

As part of the agreement between the ELN "SUPPORT HEALTH" and by the " Healthcare Belgium" created two mutually representative offices - in Moscow and Brussels.

" The agreement that we signed with the Foundation " Healthcare Belgium "- only the first step towards integrating the capabilities of the medical and business communities of both countries in the interest of public health , which will go to the practical implementation of projects in several regions of the country," - said in his speech Natalia Ushakova .

"It is important that our cooperation with Russia is coordinated BASED HEALTH , based on small and medium businesses - said Herwig Fleerakers . - We often see that it is the small and medium-sized businesses that can bring advanced technologies to market. "

"We are interested in the fact that small and medium-sized businesses in the vast territory of Russia had access to the latest technology . Therefore, our cooperation will be supported by policies and actual production . We look forward to closer cooperation with BASED HEALTH , because for us as exporters of technology it is important that we can count on a reliable partner , "- said the head of the fund .

Commenting on the agreement , Paul Segal , senior vice president SUPPORT RUSSIA and chairman of the supervisory board of ANO "SUPPORT HEALTH ", noted that Belgium has the highest achievements in the field of medical technologies that are completely unknown in Russia .

"The agreement is essentially the first step towards joining the Belgian technology and experience with Russian capabilities and the desire to reform " , said Paul Segal.

Another important achievement of the contacts between the business communities of the two countries are the appearance of European investment in Russia . "It is clear that the technology , equipment and techniques are quite expensive - told reporters, Vice -President of the SUPPORT RUSSIA . - We have agreed in principle with some of the Belgian companies ready to invest in Russian medicine their know -how and the means in a ratio of 70 % to 30%. That is, 70 % of investments and 30 % of Western - Russian . "

According to the existing agreement , European experts will help in building industry in Russia dozen diagnostic centers . Among the regions , where they can receive such advanced medical centers - Saratov , Tyumen , Ryazan , Voronezh , Astrakhan region and Khanty -Mansi Autonomous Okrug .

Signed an agreement on the forum - a significant step forward in the achievement of synergies , in fact, according to experts, it could be hundreds of millions of euros.

Forum "Innovation and Technology for Life ", in which the agreement was signed , BASED HEALTH conducted jointly with the "Healthcare Belgium" with the support of the Belgian Embassy and the Ministry of Economic Development. The event was aimed at finding innovative business development and international co-operation between the two countries, as well as the conversion of local production and localization of high-tech industries in the regions of Russia .

During the forum, experts from Russia and the European Union discussed a wide range of issues, from determining the prospects , opportunities and strategies for partnership in the development of innovative and effective ending search for practical solutions and technologies for health care.

A year later , in April 2014 , Moscow intends to re-visit the delegation of Belgian businessmen , and cooperation in the field of public health will be among the topics for discussion. It is hoped that by the time the Russian- Belgian cooperation has time to gain a foothold in the form of ongoing projects.