23 May 2013 : Belgium - Russia business forum "Innovation and Technology for Life '


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May 27, 2013 at the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation ( Ovchinnikovskaya nab. , 18/1 ) the International Business Forum "Innovation and technology for the sake of life. Belgium - Russia ".

Event of this level and scale for the first time will be held in this part of the participants. The forum was organized by the Embassy of Belgium , the National Research and Development Centre health and social services "SUPPORT HEALTH », HealthcareBelgium with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises "SUPPORT RUSSIA ." At the opening ceremony will be attended by Natalia Larionov , Director of the Department of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Alexander Brechalov , president of the All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises "SUPPORT RUSSIA " , Tatyana Komarova , deputy head of the department Roszdravnadzor , Natalya Antonova, Deputy Minister of Health , Moscow area.

Russia , on the path of building a new industrial policy and the modernization of the health care system , using the best international practices. Restart the industry requires a transition to innovative technology. In the same row with the leaders of innovative development of health care in the world is Belgium . Together with the United States , Switzerland, the UK and Germany , it is one of the leading states for development (R & D) and innovation of medical technology.

In accordance with the Memorandum on cooperation and understanding with the Healthcare Belgium, signed in Brussels on 26 February 2013 , ELN "National center for research and development of health and social services ," continues the cycle of international business forums in the format of the practical sessions. A business forum is to find ways to barrier-free development of innovative business in Russia and Belgium, the development of international cooperation, the conversion of local products and the localization of production in the regions of Russia with the creation of high-performance workplaces.

The current Forum "Innovation and Technology for Life " takes place on the eve of the ninth session of the Intergovernmental Russian- Belgian Joint Economic Committee ( OKE ), chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium DideReynders and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

The forum will be a unique presentation session of the international project company BrandNewHealth in digital kouchingapo preserve the health of the population. In many countries, government and employers are concerned about the health problems of the workers and the lack of " vaccination " healthy lifestyle among employees. Company BrandNewHealth - a pioneer in the field of digital health coaching Conservation , which has a number of successful projects and specific solutions based on scientific approaches and discoveries in the field of global public health protection .

In the format of practical sessions will feature leading b2b Belgian company whose purpose - to make health care a comfortable, affordable and safe .

Company has developed an innovative AsepticTechnologies tehnologiyupod name "Crystal ® ClosedVial" aseptic filling all types of injectables , primarily biotechnology ( individualized vaccines) , drugs for tumor therapy . Bottles filled by piercing a needle in the zone of the closure member , then recovering the integrity of the sealing of the laser field due to a puncture. Bottles are made from a special polymer , so they are almost impossible to beat.

Global technology company Barco designs and manufactures imaging technology for control points , defense , aerospace, zdravoohraneniya.Kompaniya Barco is active in more than 90 countries.

IBA is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-tech accelerator equipment used in proton therapy and positron emission tomography for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer , including a fully integrated laboratory IntegraLab ®, advanced solutions in the dosimetry for quality assurance of medical equipment and increasing patient safety.

OrfitIndustries develops and manufactures devices for immobilization and rehabilitation of patients in the three market segments: materials for the imposition of tires; thermoplastic sheets for orthopedic bushings, engine positioning and immobilization in radiotherapy .

OncoDNA - one of Europe's leading companies specializing in the individual analysis of the DNA of cancer tumors. This analysis leads to the observation of patients and choice of treatment more effective.


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