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Care to Move International

Care to Move International is a group of medical specialists with a particular interest in the locomotor system.  

It aims at:

  • state of the art locomotor medicine (orthopaedic surgery, physical and rehabilitation medicine) 
  • consultancy projects on an international level
  • research and development

The group consists of experienced medical doctors who participate in numerous scientific activities and are members of distinguished international faculties and organisations. On selected topics of locomotor medicine, members of care To Move are internationally considered as key opinion leaders.

Almost all members are orthopaedic surgeons and are working in affiliated general (General Hospital AZ Nikolaas, ZNA Hospital Group Antwerp) and academic hospitals (University Hospital Gent). In Belgium they are backed up by tens of consultant orthopaedic surgeons, registrars, nurses and physiotherapist.

Knee replacement
Dr Verhulst

Working in subspecialties using the latest techniques:

Our team is able to deal with the entire locomotor medicine stretching from paediatric orthopaedics including paediatric spine surgery, arthroplasty surgery, minimal invasive and arthroscopic procedures, spine surgery, tumour surgery as well as rehabilitation and sport rehabilitation.
Nowadays, an artificial joint should not only alleviate pain, it should also improve the function. Even more so than in any other specialty, there is an ongoing and unstoppable evolution happening for each joint or each part of the body. Only when doctors keep on specializing and gathering knowledge on techniques and materials, can they meet those expectations.

CTM international training centre:

Besides the medical activity there is a long tradition of scientific activity as well as training of medical students, fellows and physiotherapists.
Apart from registrars/residents in training there is a growing request from international residents to come and specialize in our centres, in specific techniques such as arthroscopic techniques in shoulder surgery, spinal column surgery, hip arthroscopy and so on.

International activity:

Several doctors in our team are involved in international teaching projects concerning a variety of fields in orthopaedics and some of them have performed live surgeries in different European and Asian centres.
Care to Move has longstanding contracts with international insurance companies and treats a high number of international patients.

Gert Van Esbroeck, MD, CEO (right)

The Medical team

The teams subdisciplines

  • Gert Van Esbroeck, MD: knee surgery , spine surgery
  • Johan Hens, MD: shoulder and knee surgery
  • Karl Dom, MD: shoulder and knee surgery, foot surgery  
  • Bart Van Backlé, MD: hip surgery , hand surgery 
  • Jo De Schepper, MD: hip surgery, knee surgery
  • Rene Verdonk, MD, PhD: knee surgery  ( knee replacement , sport surgery, …)
  • Frank Plasschaert, MD: pediatric orthopaedic surgery , including pediatric spine surgery
  • Dominique Verhulst, MD: spine surgery
  • Kris De Mulder, MD: shoulder and knee surgery, foot surgery
  • Guy Vanderstraeten, MD, PhD: physical medicine and rehabilitation.
    He is a specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. He is an international authority in Physical Medicine en Rehabilitation and under his leadership tens of coworkers work in a brand new centre (20000 sqm)  in University Hospital Ghent , Belgium.
  • Mister Lieven Maesschalck: top level sport and locomotor rehabilitation.
    He is a  physiotherapist  with an international public and treated successfully many international top athletes.  With his coworkers from Move To Cure, he is our preferred partner for sport rehabilitation on a top level.
from left to right: Dr Bart Van Backlé, Dr Frank Dellaert, Dr Karl Dom, Dr Kris De Mulder, Dr Gert Van Esbroeck, Dr Johan Hens, Dr Jo De Schepper, Dr Benoit Zachee and Dr Danny Matton

Contact details

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