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Gynaecology Centre

Information about the Centre

The Gynaecology Department is a highly specialised centre for endoscopy (a minimally invasive diagnostic medical procedure) and, in particular, the treatment of endometriosis using a CO2 laser.

A pioneer for over 25 years in in-vitro fertilisation, the Department offers a full range of medically assisted reproductive treatments offering a success rate of 40% .

A special Breast Clinic, comprising gynaecologists, oncologists, radiotherapists and psychologists was set up in order to provide the best care possible for breast-cancer patients. In 2006, the multidisciplinary board treated 629 new cancer cases, including 436 breast cancers and 193 pelvic tumours.

World Firsts

The Department achieved the world's first pregnancy resulting from a frozen ovarian tissue graft and also administers the largest ovarian tissue and ovary bank in the world in a bid to preserve fertility.

Professor Jacques Donnez and his team have achieved several world firsts in the field of ovarian transplants, for example the first ever transplant of ovarian tissue between genetically different sisters and subsequent restoration of ovarian function and embryo development (in 2007).

Procedures Performed

  • Oncologic Surgery

The Medical Team

Christine Wyns, MD , PhD, Head of the Gynaecology and Andrology Department

Consultants: Martine Berliere, Mireille Smets, Pascale Jadoul, CĂ©line Pirard, Jean-Luc Squifflet, Roland Polet, Maria-Francesca Spada, Marie-Madeline Dolmans, Pascale Laurent, Nathalie Malingret, Anis Feki.

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Gynaecology - Andrology 
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