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Information about the Centre

Dr Michel Van Vyve (Chief surgeon) and Dr Frederic Martens founded the Neurosurgery Department in 1990.
Neurosurgery has changed rapidly over the past 10 years due to ongoing research and medical imaging, endoscopic techniques and radiation therapy and the OLV Hospital's Neurosurgery Department has followed, supported and implemented these new developments.

We treat most forms of spinal pathology and are primarily involved in high-tech surgery such as implantation of lumbar and cervical disc prostheses and partial nucleus replacements using the DASCOR device.

Operation theatre, Neurosurgery-OLV Hospital

The Medical Team

Michel Van Vyve, MD, Chief Surgeon.
Dr Van Vyve founded the OLV Hospital's Neurosurgery Department in 1990 along with Dr Frederic Martens and was named a Baron by HM King Albert II of Belgium for his achievements in neurosurgery

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Frederic E. Martens, MD, has earned an honoured reputation in the development of minimally invasive spinal surgery. He has been a pioneer in the treatment of brain tumours and specialises in stereotactic radiotherapy and neuronavigation techniques.
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Ongoing training and education enable our multidisciplinary team to treat neurological and spinal conditions using innovative and highly effective techniques.

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