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Endoscopic Discectomy

Lumbar discectomy is the most common spinal operations.

It consists in the removal of a disc herniation compressing a lumbar nerve and causing sciatica, this is a very painful irradiation in the leg, often accompanied by disturbance of sensation (numbness) and muscle weakness.

The standard operation is the microscopic discectomy. However, using a small working channel of 16mm and an endoscope, the muscle damage can be minimized and thus the postoperative pain is significantely less and the recuperation is easier.

Patients can be treated in the day-care clinic or stay overnight.

Through an incision not larger than 16 mm the muscle of the back is progressively dilated and not cut until the working channel that you can see in the picture can be positioned on the posterior part of the vertebra. Then the endoscope is put in place and the operation is performed in the same way as the standard intervention: the vertebral canal is opened and the hernia is removed with adapted instruments.