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Health Check

The Health Check begins with a wide-ranging dialogue between the patient and the doctor in charge of the check-up. A detailed questionnaire and systematic questioning serve as a guide to this meticulous work, which is followed by a complete clinical examination.

Various clinical tests are then performed by specialists, in accordance with the patient's age, gender and clinical matters discussed during the initial interview.

Finally, additional major tests, such as a CT-Scan, cardiogram, etc. are proposed and scheduled if they prove necessary for completing a diagnosis.

In addition to health checks, the hospital offers a series of PARTIAL CHECK-UPS, "à la carte", which will in this case be geared towards the patient's particular worries about certain aspects of his state of health, or his risk factors (heart, lung, gastro-enterological, dermatological, ENT, ophtalmological, urological, gynaecological, neurological, dental, psychometrick check-up).

All the information gathered in this way will be the subject of a complete medical report, which will be the exclusive property of the patient concerned.