November 24th 2013: Arrival of 40 patients


Belgium – through the Healthcare Belgium entity- is one of the host countries for Libyan patients (civil patients as opposed to war injured) who came for treatment in our member hospitals (these hospitals are currently: Europe hospitals / Onze-Lieve-Vrouwziekenhuis Aalst / IRIS Hospitals / CHIREC/ UZ Leuven / UZ Brussels / UCL St-Luc).

The former Libyan regime that reigned for 42 years has never invested in education nor healthcare.

Therefore, many pathologies cannot be treated in Libya today. It will take at least a generation before Libya will be able to offer a healthcare system to its population that is at par with its wealth.

After having treated war casualties in 2012-2013, we were asked by the Libyan Authorities to take care of people suffering from pathologies that Libya is not able to treat for the moment, using our spare capacity.

All expenses are paid by the Libyan authorities. The Belgian Government does not pay or contribute in the financing.

In the meantime we are looking at the possibility to invest in Libyan healthcare, knowledge transfer and other humanitarian aid.