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  • Teleradiology is the transmission of radiological patient images, such as x-rays, CTs, and MRIs, from one location to another for the purpose of sharing studies with other radiologists and physicians.
  • In recent years, teleradiology has rapidly moved from adjunct to essential practice in thousands of radiology departments and centres worldwide.
  • In hospitals facing a shortage of qualified radiologists, teleradiology may be considered as a potential alternative for hiring an onsite radiologist. Moreover, because radiology capacity needs tend to fluctuate in time, temporary help may be welcome even in the absence of structural staffing problems.
  • The main advantage is flexibility: the client hospital decides on the number and type of patient studies that will be read by the teleradiologist(s), depending on the need of the moment.
  • Another advantage is the “on-demand” availability of subspecialists and special services.

What differentiates Radiomatix from other providers

  • Radiomatix works with a large group of senior Belgian accredited radiologists, whereby each radiologist works as a subspecialty expert in a major – often an academic – hospital, and devotes some of his/her time (on average 20%) to teleradiology.
  • All Radiomatix radiologists are connected through a cloud-based platform (see below), making them function as a group instead of as a set of individuals (e.g., second or third opinions can be asked easily within the group, irrespective of the physical location of the radiologist)

Radiomatix background

  • Belgian radiologists created the “Belgian Radiology Group” (BRG) with the goal to provide teleradiology services through Radiomatix
  • Radiomatix has been founded and is co-directed by radiologists

Goals & Mission

  • Radiomatix supports radiology departments facing temporary or permanent shortage of radiology staff
  • Radiomatix makes teleradiology a valuable alternative for hiring a new consultant radiologist or subspecialist
  • Radiomatix makes the teleradiologist an integrated partner of your radiology department


  • Medical quality is our first priority
  • Teleradiology should meet both the highest International and local standards

Cloud-based Radiomatix teleradiology management system (TMS)

  • The technology behind the network is the proprietary cloud-based Radiomatix teleradiology management system (TMS)
  • Access to the TMS is highly secured (see “Security & Privacy”)
  • Advanced features include mammography structured reporting templates and speech recognition integration

Cloud-based PACS and viewer

  • A Visage PACS (www.visageimaging.com) is used for image viewing, and is integrated in the Radiomatix TMS
  • Visage PACS is FDA approved for web-based medical diagnosis
  • All images and data are stored in the cloud (Tier 4 hosting according to ANSI/TIA-942 telecommunications infrastructure standard for data centers)
  • Web technology enables remote image access from any location (e.g., home, work,..) at any time
  • Features include image streaming, embedded 3D visualization and advanced postprocessing
  • Rapid image viewing and 3D rendering is possible at any location pending 1.5+ MBsec bandwidth
  • Access is highly secured (see “Security & Privacy”)

Teaching programs

  • Radiomatix has established partnerships with Universities in Belgium and abroad to provide on-demand teaching programs for radiologists and radiology technicians
  • Virtual fellowships consist of a combination of formal teaching with continued learning through overreading of interesting cases by experts (via teleradiology).

Lieven Van Hoe, Radiologist/President





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