VK Group

VK offers state of the art architecture & engineering services to its healthcare customers.

VK's Healthcare department

VK’s HEALTHCARE department offers you more than 50 years of experience in the design and engineering of Healthcare facilities: hospitals, mental healthcare, senior living.

VK is ensuring the right balance between technology and human dignity, based on a broad concept of sustainability. VK is acknowledged as leading agency on the Belgian Healthcare market.


Its portfolio now contains the construction of two ‘greenfield’ hospitals with more than 700 beds, besides the ongoing projects for several other large Belgian hospitals, senior care organisations and mental healthcare institutions.

Multi-disciplinary firm

VK is a multi-disciplinary A&E firm, integrating all disciplines within the construction process, from masterplanning, programming, architecture and engineering to interior design and landscaping.

The multi-disciplinary character guarantees an optimal interplay between architectural concept and studies for civil and structural engineering and building services.

Paul Corbeel, CEO

Contact details

Brugsesteenweg 210
8800 Roeselare- Belgium  
tel:   +32 (0)51 26 20 38  
fax:  +32 (0)51 26 20 27