Orfit Industries is a global solution provider for immobilisation and mobilisation needs in Physical Rehabilitation, Technical Orthopaedics and Radiation Oncology.

We develop and produce splinting materials, thermoplastic sheets for prosthetic sockets and patient positioning and immobilisation devices for cancer patients that are treated with radiotherapy.


Radiation Oncology

For radiation therapy to be as effective as possible, potential changes in the patient’s position have to be minimal. Orfit’s high precision Efficast® masks restrict movement to the golden standard of less than 2 millimetres. With the Efficast® Hybrid Masks bringing down the movement restriction to even less than 1.5 millimetres, Orfit Industries offers the optimal combination of patient comfort, ease of use and high precision in modern radiation oncology.


Splinting Materials

As a world leader in low temperature thermoplastic splint materials for physical rehabilitation, we use the latest technology in materials and manufacturing to make immediate fitting splints for post surgical hand care and to help patients with limited physical abilities to improve in their daily activities.


Thermoplastics for prosthetic sockets

Transparent High melt temperature thermoplastic sheet materials are used for making temporary prosthetic sockets that help an amputee patient to use prosthesis as soon as possible as part of the rehabilitation process.

Orfit Industries is unique in that it controls the entire R&D, manufacturing and marketing chain from the selection of specialised raw materials, to the development of new materials and the education of medical professionals worldwide. In our search for perfection, we continuously strive to improve existing products and proactively develop new ones to meet the needs of ever increasing standards in medical care.
It is our job to bring innovation to the market, with a clear understanding of the clinician’s needs, the patient’s comfort and the requirements of the authorities.

Steven Cuypers, President and CEO

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