Durably changing health behaviour through digital health coaching.


Digital health coaching is an innovating online method to change one's health behaviour by digital means. The online coaching process is accessible on personal computers and via the mobile internet.

Digital health coaching for companies

Improving your employees' health and well-being is first of all important for the employee, but companies know now that it is just as crucial for their business strategy as well.
For these companies in particular BrandNewHealth has developed a unique online coaching platform: i change.

Digital health coaching for partners

BrandNewHealth also develops digital health coaching programs for organisations that want to offer their members large-scale and high quality health actions.

The results prove that it works

The scientific approach of BrandNewHealth guarantees its success. The digital  health coaching programs have proven to effectively change health behaviour,
both in smaller groups and with very large audiences.


The goal of BrandNewHealth is to change health behaviour. In order to offer as many people as possible interventions of the same quality BrandNewHealth focuses on digital health coaching.

BrandNewHealth uses behavioural science techniques to build digital platforms that provide standardised yet very personalised online coaching.

In that way the BrandNewHealth services coach individuals to improve their health.

Moreover, BrandNewHealth constantly researches and analyses its own approaches in order to map its results and to prove its efficiency.

1. Change health behaviour

You know that you have to quit smoking, to lose weight, to move some more, or to manage your stress, because you generally recognise the impact of unhealthy behaviour. Knowing is one thing, actually doing it and, even more important, keeping up is another.

Behavioural, cognitive-behavioural and self-management interventions make sure that health behaviour does change. It implies that one learns to think and behave differently, step-by-step, working towards personal goals, with a positive mindset, and within own control.

Research has demonstrated over and over again that this approach works.

2. Digital health coaching

BrandNewHealth wants everybody to benefit from these well-known efficient interventions from therapists.

People who work on their own health want to do it at their own pace and have the possibility to choose. Moreover, this changing process should be guided and supported.

So a website with information and some fancy tools won’t work.

The only way to do this properly is through health coaching on the internet or on other easily accessible digital platforms. In that way the services are always available, scalable and standardised yet tailored to the needs and preferences of each user.

3. Evidence-based research

For several years now the BrandNewHealth researchers have been processing the data collected from the digital health coaching platforms. This is how BrandNewHealth knows under which conditions one has the best chance to quit smoking, to lose weight, to manage his stress etc. BrandNewHealth presents its data on international scientific conferences, where it discusses the validity and reliability of its findings with other scientists. This stimulates BrandNewHealth to constantly optimise its digital health coaching platforms.

Claudia Put, PhD, Managing Director

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